Los procesos de firma han cambiado para siempre

Sistema integrado de gestión de firma electrónica


Why RealSigner?

Digital signature of documents remotely, ensuring their legal validity within your company.

Security is not an option: it is an obsession.

RealSigner is the most secure platform on the market.

Full legal validity

RealSigner meets the highest standards and is fully auditable

Don't lose track.

RealSigner allows you to automate processes integrating with your systems.

Access from any device now.

Eidas realsigner

RealSigner has full legal validity and comply with the demanding standards. We complie with electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services (eIDAS) and is based on the ISO 27001 (Information Security) quality certification.

RealSigner is auditable: it generates a supporting document that compiles the electronic evidence of the signing process.

Types of signature


Digital signature of documents remotely, ensuring their legal validity within your company.

Simple Biometric

Digital signature of documents through the platform remotely or in person, ensuring their validity within your company.


Remote document signing by sending an OTP key via SMS to validate the signing process.

Advanced Biometric

Sign documents through approved devices. The handwritten signature is stamped with qualified legal validity.


Pre-sign the documents with the same certificate, saving time in practically identical processes that require it from the sender.

We comply with the highest security standards in the market: RealSigner stores encrypted and obfuscated documents with independent encryption keys.

The documents are deleted after 30 days and the signatures are never stored. In addition, the exchange of information between the client team and the RealSigner systems always occurs securely, under HTTPS-SSL protocol.

They trust in RealSigner

RealSigner has radically changed the way we work on a day-to-day, optimizing time and response both with our employees and with the companies that trust us. We trust RealSigner to carry out our document signing processes through the simple and remote signatures. We carry out the internal processes of the company (approvals, employment contracts, etc.) through simple signing. We use the remote signature features for contact with our clients and suppliers.

Financial sector company

We decided trust in RealSigner with its centralized and remote modalities. We use the online electronic signature platform every day for our contact with customers and suppliers. Our CEO signs all the documents with their corresponding digital certificates. With RealSigner we get an extra layer of security by sending OTP by SMS when our CEO signs it.

Organization of fairs and congresses company

Discover RealSigner and start to sign now

Use now RealSigner and grant full legal validity to your processes and document signing. Optimize workflows and improve the day to day of your company.


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